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Vinyl Upholstery Repairs in Anaheim

If you work in the hospitality industry, you no doubt already know that there is more to running a successful restaurant than serving the best food in Anaheim. While the quality of the food you serve will always be one of the most important features of your business, you also can never underestimate the importance of atmosphere and ambience. The whole dining experience factors in to whether customers will return, recommend your restaurant to friends and post positive reviews online. And if you continue to seat patrons on furniture with badly damaged or discolored leather or vinyl upholstery, it’s very possible that they might think you are comfortable serving them subpar food.

Rather than risk ruining your reputation over damaged or weathered furniture in your Anaheim restaurant, get in touch with My Fine Design Restaurant Renovation and ask us about our leather and vinyl upholstery services.

My Fine Design Restaurant Renovation has been proud to serve all types of restaurants in the Anaheim area for nearly thirty years. A lot has changed in the restaurant industry since we started, but the need for quality craftsmanship will always be in-demand. When you choose our company to restore and repair your leather and vinyl, you will see the difference quality fabric can have on your restaurant’s overall atmosphere.

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Vinyl Upholstery Repair

Vinyl is a great material for restaurant upholstery because it’s hard to stain or soil. But over time, it’s vulnerable to crack. When the topcoat has begun to wear away, our team has the necessary experience to apply liquid vinyl and seamlessly make the abraded area disappear.

If your vinyl upholstery has lost its luster, give us a call and we’ll be over to repair the upholstery in no time.

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